Shave Jelly

This is a non-foaming shaving gel that lubricates and preps the skin without the use of pre-shave oil. The clear gel formula provides visibility to facial hair for detailing sideburns, mustache or beard with a razor. Soothing organic aloe minimizes irritation and organic cranberry has anti-aging properties that help with collagen production. $20 $5  Shipping
& Handling


Replenishes and restores the skin after shaving. Contains organic calendula to soothe irritation and organic coconut oil which hydrates and heals the deeper layers of the skin due to razor use. Alcohol free. $18$5  Shipping
& Handling

Beard & Body Balm

Civil beard and body balm softens and tames facial hair and generously hydrates skin. Contains organic coconut oil for hydration and calcium rich goat milk to nourish and condition facial hair. $18$5  Shipping
& Handling

What Makes It Civil?

While other products that call themselves "premium" make no qualms about using chemicals that are toxic to the body, the skin, and the environment, Civil Grooming is made with organic, responsible ingredients. Pure. Simple. Civil.

Our Civil Procedure

We've simplified the shaving procedure to two steps. First, the Shave Jelly lubricates and creates a protective barrier between the razor and your skin for a clean and comfortable shave. Then the Aftershave balm finishes by soothing, hydrating and replenishing the skin. A Civil shave is two steps, simple and effective.